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 Please submit up to five poems in a single document. Be certain your work is:

  • Submitted in 12-point Times New Roman Font
  • Left Justified (We love experimental forms but they're near impossible to format properly through WordPress)
  • Paginated
  • Submitted without identifying information of any kind on the submission itself
  • Submitted with your title(s) as your filename (your work will be deleted immediately if this isn't done) 
  • Unpublished elsewhere, in any format

Other submission requirements:

  • Be certain that either you are or have been a resident of the Great Lakes Region of The United States or Canada or that the manuscript you're submitting involves the Great Lakes region of either the United States or Canada. GLR is a regional journal; therefore, the regional connection must be apparent.
  • Be certain to include a Submission Statement of 3-5 sentences explaining either your connection to the Great Lakes or your work's connection to the Great Lakes. Just to be clear, you can have been a resident of the Great Lakes and submit work that doesn't necessarily have to do with the region, or you can be from somewhere other than the Great Lakes but submit work where the Great Lakes is integral to the work. In short, you cannot be from somewhere other than the Great Lakes and submit work that has nothing to do with the Great Lakes. The Submission Statements will tell the editors whether or not to proceed considering your submission, so, please, take time to ensure the connection to the region is explicit. 

Still more submission information:  

  • We accept simultaneous submissions but ask to be informed immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.
  • We will consider only one submission within a single genre per reading period.
  • We require first North American serial rights and non-exclusive electronic rights for our website and social media platforms. All other rights are retained by the author.
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.