Great Lakes Review publishes fiction and poetry from and about the Great Lakes region of the United States and Canada, both in print annually and on a rolling basis digitally. We celebrate the diversity of experiences within the region and wish to publish work that truly showcases every nuance, nook, cranny, and person who either calls the Great Lakes home or who has been impacted by the region. If that’s you, send us your best work.  


Social Media Co-Coordinator

Great Lakes Review is looking for a social media specialist to join its ranks as a social media co-coordinator. As a social media co-coordinator, you will:

· Demonstrate a strong command of written communication.

· Follow release dates and regular social media postings related to the journal agreed upon by the Managing Editor.

· Create social-first content that fosters meaningful engagement among Great Lakes Review contributors and readers.

· Use community management practices to connect and engage appropriately with social media followers, other journals, and Great Lakes-area institutions.

· Communicate virtually with the other social media co-coordinator and Managing Editor, mostly through email, regularly. In addition, if you will be “off the grid” and, therefore, out of reach for longer than a week, it will be expected that you’ll let the Managing Editor know in as advance as possible so that proper arrangements can be made in your absence.

Currently, all positions with the journal are volunteer. However, some perks to working with us here at Great Lakes Review include but are not limited to:

· First-hand experience working with a regional literary journal that has been around for more than a decade.

· A chance to collaborate with and meet other writers and editors.

· A chance to represent the journal at conferences in both The United States and Canada, where one can meet writers, editors, and publishers from around the world.

· An opportunity to be an integral part of introducing the best writing the region has to offer to a world of readers.

· A chance to influence new initiatives for an established literary journal.

The following are required for consideration of Social Media Co-Coordinator with Great Lakes Review and should be submitted as a single Word or PDF document arranged in this order:

· A resume or C.V. highlighting any relevant educational credentials as well as experience in social media management and community development.

· A one- to one-and-a-half-page single-spaced cover letter detailing your applicable experience and interests in working with Great Lakes Review

We can’t wait to learn more about you, your work, and your interests in helping shape Great Lakes Review. This posting will stay active until the position is filled.

Though places are tangible, how people experience them is not, for two people can perceive a single space very differently. Here at GLR, we want to construct a representative virtual map of the Great Lakes region one person and one pixel at a time. Here’s how it works. You write a short piece of nonfiction that involves a location in the Great Lakes and submit it to us, being certain to identify the place. A past GLR editor once called these pieces of writing “literary postcards,” a moniker we feel still fits well. However, a postcard doesn’t just depict a place. It also details an account of a person experiencing that place. We want to meet the family who runs the only funeral home in a small town and whose job it is to bury every resident there. We want to see the sights of your city and taste the cuisine of your culture. The Great Lakes region is home to country and coastline, cities and hitching posts, sea glass and Petoskey stones, sex trafficking and opioids. Regionally, it is a rainforest of diversity capable of transcending its natural geography through the written word.

Without humans, the earth has no name. We bring meaning to space. Now, bring meaning to your space. Send us your “postcard” from the Great Lakes so that we might share your experience with the world.

To read examples of submissions we like particularly well, look here:

Submission Guidelines

Please, submit a single nonfiction piece of 1,000 words or fewer. Be certain your manuscript is:

  • Submitted in 12-point Times New Roman Font
  • Paginated
  • Double-spaced
  • Submitted without identifying information of any kind on the submission itself

Other submission requirements:

  • Be certain that either you are or have been a resident of the Great Lakes region of the United States or Canada.
  • Be certain to include a Submission Statement of three to five sentences explaining the relationship of the submission to the Great Lakes region. Most importantly, tell us the town or place within the Great Lakes that is represented in your narrative so that we can mark it on our virtual map.
  • Please, do not identify yourself in your Submission Statement or discuss previous publications, awards, or other writerly accomplishments. We want to judge the writing without other influences.

Still more submission information:

  • We accept simultaneous submissions but ask to be informed immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.
  • We will consider only one submission per reading period or every six months for the Narrative Map Project.
  • We require first North American serial rights and non-exclusive electronic rights for our website and social media platforms. All other rights are retained by the author.

 If you've been previously published by Great Lakes Review, please update us about what has been happening in your writing career, including new publications, awards, fellowships, etc. We will share your update on our social media and, when appropriate, on our website.

Please submit your update in third-person and include your Twitter handle if you have one. 

Great Lakes Review